TopNotch Tennis strives to make a positive impact and fulfill the needs of our communities through the great sport of tennis by providing a fun, healthy, positive on and off court experience.


TopNotch Tennis is one of the largest and most successful outdoor tennis programs in the McLean, Arlington, and Falls Church area.  We strive to create a fun, yet competitive tennis environment that is conducive to learning this great life-long sport!  This environment is created by our great coaches that are truly passionate about teaching tennis and working with kids and adults of all ages and skill levels.

One of our most important goals is to create an on court experience that our participants truly enjoy and will want to continue playing tennis for years to come!  Tennis is a wonderful life-long sport that 
children and adults can learn and enjoy over the years. In addition to teaching tennis, we also encourage our Junior Program participants to learn sportsmanship and life-skills. These valuable skills learned can be applied throughout life. 

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How do I know if class is cancelled due to weather?

An e-mail will be sent out by TopNotch Tennis 1-2 hours before the class/camp start time or as soon as the courts are deemed playable. You may also contact us at info@topnotchtennis.com or 703-559-5887.

What happens if class is cancelled?

Class or camp may be made up on an alternative day the camp/class is offered within the session your class is in. In order to schedule a make up, contact our Tennis Program Manager at makeups@topnotchtennis.com directly to schedule the make-up class. Approvals of make up requests are required before a make up can occur. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for this approval. Make up drop ins will not be accomadated in effort to keep class ratio intact. All make ups must be completed in the Season the class was cancelled. TopNotch Tennis offers a make up week at the end of session 2 in all seasons. For example if there was a rain cancellation in Spring you can make up in the Spring. Make ups cannot be carried from season to season as we have 3 locations you can make up at.

Can I pro-rate a session?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. If classes/camps are full, pro-rated amounts will not be permitted. To request a pro-ration please reach out to info@topnotchtennis.com

What is the student/pro ratio?

All classes will have a 6:1 (student/pro) ratio and camps will have a 8:1 (student/pro) ratio.

Are there make up classes for classes that a participants misses?

Yes, classes will be made up on the alternative day the class is offered within the season the class is in due to weather, illness and injury. Email MakeUps@TopNotchTennis.com to request a make up class. Please allow 24-48 buisness hours for a make up request and approval. Day of requests may not be accomadated. On court drop ins will not be accomdated as TopNotch Tennis strives to maintain an appropriate Student to Coach ratio. Please note pre-scheduled vacations, classes missed for other reasons than injury, illness and weather, holidays (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July) may not be available to make up as TopNotch Tennis holds classes during these holidays. To request a makeup for the above please email Makeups@TopNotchTennis.com For example if there was a rain cancellation in Spring you can make up in the Spring. Ilness and injury are the exceptations.

How do I go about signing up for private or semi-private lessons?

Contact the tennis professionals directly via e-mail. Their contact information is located on the "About" page > "Coaches".

What equipment should I bring?

Students should dress in athletic clothing (i.e. shorts and T-shirt) with sneakers. Please do not wear dark soled shoes that will mark up the courts. Students are recommended to wear sunscrean and bring their own racquet, water bottle, drinks and snacks. Sandals and crocs are not permitted.
If you need a tennis racquet TopNotch Tennis offers the convience to purchase one directly through us. Please reach out to info@topnotchtennis.com

Are there refunds on missed classes?

There are no refunds on missed classes (unless due to sickness/emergency/injury). Rain cancellations will be made up on the alternative day the class is offered or at the end of the session. Pre-schedudled vacations or holidays are not refunded.

What is the minimum number of participants a class must have to start?

All classes must have at least four pre-registered students (this excludes make-up students) in order for the class to start. Class times may have to be adjusted to gain the proper number of students. All camps must have at least 8 pre-registered students (this excludes make up students) in order for the camp to start.

Who should I contact for any additional tennis related questions?

Please contact our Tennis Program Manager at info@topnotchtennis.com or 703-559-5887




Our teaching philosophy and the way we communicate with each participant is what sets us apart from other tennis programs in Northern Virginia.   R.O.L.E. is an acronym we developed to summarize our teaching style, which stands for: relationships, optimism, leadership, and energy. During our time with the kids, we strive to develop positive relationships and share optimism with them on the court. We utilize team drills and group play to create opportunities for participants to exercise their leadership skills.  We also make use of fun games and group activities to create a high energy and competitive learning environment that keep kids engaged.  


Relationships: We strive to develop strong, positive relationships with our students, fostering an environment conducive to learning. Coaches are leaders of their camp groups and a professional distinction is required between coach and students. We are committed to superior tennis training and the long-term progress of each student’s tennis development. 

Optimism: We provide an optimistic learning environment that motivates each student to grow as a tennis player. We communicate optimism with each of our students through encouragement, care, and constructive feedback. 

Leadership: Our coaches identify the strengths and weaknesses of their students so they can create opportunities for students to exercise leadership skills. We design team drills, group play, and competitive environments to build leadership abilities. 

Energy: We make use of fun games and team activities to create a high-energy learning environment that keep students engaged.  

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