5 Reasons Summer is the Top Season for Tennis

Summer is the perfect season to play tennis! Summer days may get to be unbearably hot, particularly in the middle of the day, but there are many reasons to love a summer tennis match.


Summer time offers the most hours of daylight for enjoying your tennis game. While it may be scorching hot at 1 pm on the tennis courts, it is light early and late enough that you could get in a practice before work or play a match with ample lighting until almost 9 pm. Playing at a time without the sun directly in your eyes is key to a great tennis match! While the sun may be bright in the summer, it is actually at a lower point in the sky at other times of the year like winter and early spring, making sun less of an issue in the summer.

2. Allergies

Springtime is beautiful, but the pollen outdoors can make extended time outside unbearable for allergy sufferers. Unlike spring and fall, summer time usually means that pollen counts from trees and grass has decreased and it is more enjoyable to be outdoors. If you are still troubled by seasonal allergies, wearing a hat and sunglasses can help keep pollen spores off of your hair, face, and eyes, as can showering after you have been outdoors.

3.Predictable Weather

The best tennis games are played on warm, dry days with a bit of cloud cover, so the sun is not directly in your eyes. Fast-changing weather in spring, fall, and winter make these less optimal seasons for fitting in a tennis match or some practice time. Spring showers bring a lot of rain which make tennis courts wet and falling leaves in autumn can complicate match play, particularly if they become piled up or damp on a tennis court. Even after a rain storm, the high temperatures of summer can quickly dry a tennis court, so play can resume faster.

4. Warmer Muscles

Summer time means warmer temperatures and warmer muscles. Colder temperatures can make your muscles less elastic and more prone to injury. A five to ten-minute warm-up should be sufficient in summer before playing tennis to prevent injury while you may need to spend much longer in the winter time on stretching in order to prevent injury.

5. Tennis Courts are in Great Shape

In winter time, many places take down their tennis court netting to prevent damage from occurring. Fall can mean piled up leaves, which may make the tennis court slippery. This is especially true if rain has fallen and the leaves have gotten wet, making them both more of a danger plus harder to remove. Rain showers in spring plus cooler temperatures can leave tennis courts damp for days at a time. You are likely to find tennis courts in great shape in the summer time since nets are up, low wind means little build up of leaf litter or other debris, and hot days keep the pavement dry.

Be sure to squeeze in some tennis this summer and enjoy all the advantages summer has to offer!


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