5 Reasons to Get on the Court This Fall

We all love Fall. It’s so beautiful outside during this magical season which makes it a great time to hit the tennis courts! Here are some reasons why playing tennis this time of year can benefit you physically and mentally.

1. Overall Health Benefits

You can have a blast while getting in a great workout playing tennis. This means lowering body fat while improving muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. The average person can burn 600 calories while playing an hour-long game of singles. Playing tennis is a great way to maintain your fitness and health in general.

2. Improve Your Mood

All exercise offers health benefits, but tennis engages your body and mind at the same time. When you play tennis you become part of a community which creates opportunities for new friendships. Tennis players are healthier, more confident, less stressed, and more social. The healthy feelings of enjoyment, the physical challenge, and competitiveness are inherent in the sport.

3. Tennis is for Life!

You can play and enjoy tennis for your entire life. No matter your age, you can enjoy getting out and being active on the courts. People of all ages love to play - and may even surprise you with the skills they’ve acquired over time. This is one of the best parts of one of the most fun and challenging sports ever created. The busier your mind and body are, the longer that your mind and body will function. As we prepare for the long and cold Winter, keeping busy in the Fall will help our bodies stay active through the Winter.

4. Family Fun

Fall can get busy for all families. Bring workouts and family time into one! Playing tennis is a great way to spend time with your family! No need to spend a fortune on lots of expensive equipment. Help your youngsters develop a work ethic, learn sportsmanship, create healthy habits, learn teamwork, and more. There are many opportunities for quality time on the courts where priceless memories can be made.

5. Fall Climate

Tennis can be played during any season, of course. However, this time of year brings some great perks to entice you to get out on the courts more often. The cooler temperatures and lower humidity in the DC area make for some pleasant tennis matches or lessons. No worrying about scheduling your time around the hottest part of the day. Tennis courts are gorgeous with the changing autumnal landscape making your time outdoors even more enjoyable.


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