5 Tips to Improve your Overall Game

While making New Year’s resolutions, consider some changes you could make to your tennis game to keep improving in 2018! Here are some tips to get you started!

1. Exaggerate your Follow Through

Many players feel nervous during a match, particularly if it feels like your opponent is in control of game play! When this happens, your body tenses up, making you more likely to miss your shot! Practice not just hitting the ball, but moving your feet! Exaggerating your follow through every time can prevent those tense muscles!

2. Hit-Recover

Many players successfully hit the ball and then watch the ball as well as where the shot goes. Set

yourself up for your next hit by recovering immediately after you hit! Watching the pros, it looks like

they are recovering in the middle of their hit! Work with that strategy to keep yourself in the game,

flexible, and ready to make the next shot.

3. Make a Practice Plan

If you play tennis often but continue to have an inconsistent serve or a weak backhand, make those the focus of your practice sessions until you begin to see improvement! Targeting trouble spots rather than overall practice will keep your game and sharpen your skills the most!

4. Incorporate Footwork Drills into Your Practice

Making the perfect shot requires being in the right position to make it! Improving your overall fitness

and footwork can really help improve your tennis game! Some ideas for improving your footwork are jumping rope, using an agility ladder, or simply catching the tennis balls hit to you with your hands, which requires your feet to be in the right place. These footwork drills will improve your overall fitness while strengthening the agility needed for a great match!

5. Practice with Tough Players

Training with other players with advanced skills is a great strategy for improving your game! Not only will they model great skills for you to learn from, you will also feel more inclined to try your hardest when training with an advanced player! Better focus, more intensity, and better decision-making will

come as a result of training with great players!

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