Choosing a Tennis Racquet

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There are many varieties of tennis racquets available to purchase and knowing which one is right for you is important for your development as a player!

Three main categories of tennis racquets are available.

Power Racquets/Game Improvement Racquets These racquets are power-oriented! Game improvement racquets are designed for players with shorter, slower swings who are looking for more power from their racquet. These racquets typically feature oversize to supersize heads, are lightweight, and longer. These racquets are usually evenly balanced to head-heavy to increase power in the hitting zone. Power racquets feature lighter construction, making them easier to swing and less stressful on the arm.

Control/Players Racquets This type of racquet is used by professional and high-level club or college team players. A player’s racquet is a great choice for someone who brings their own power and wants a racquet that offers them more control. These racquets come in both standard and extended length and feature a more flexible frame.

‘Tweeners Racquets ‘Tweeners racquets feature characteristics of both power racquets and player’s racquets. These racquets are appropriate for intermediate-advanced players who are looking to increase their maneuverability and is often the choice of recreational tennis players. This type of racquet is lighter weight, has a middle-range to larger size head and typically features an extended length. They are balanced between a slightly lighter head and a slightly heavy head.

Comparison Chart

Which Racquet is Right for Me? There are a lot of options for tennis players looking to choose a tennis racquet. Your perfect racquet will be one that has a mostly effortless feel to it when hitting. If you are a newer player, the larger head size of a power racquet will give you a higher rate of success with hitting the ball. As your level of control and comfort with the sport increases, you can decrease in head size since your accuracy should be improving as well.

All three categories of tennis racquets are available in a wide range of lengths. A longer tennis racquet may increase your ability to hit the ball and provide more power, but may have decreased maneuverability compared to a shorter racquet. Another option is to work with a tennis pro! A tennis pro can get on the court with you to understand your level of play and recommend a racquet that best matches your style and abilities. Send an email to to get started! 

Which Brands and Where to Buy?

The top three tennis racquet brands are:

  1. Wilson©

  2. Babolat©

  3. Head ©

Each of these brands are known for their reliability and quality products. Tennis racquets can be purchased through quality online retailers such as,, or


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