​Choosing the Right Gear

Choosing the right shoes for your tennis match will help you play best! There is no one magic tennis shoe that will meet everyone’s needs, it is best to choose a shoe based on your personal playing style, foot structure, and court surface type.

Follow these tips to choose the best shoe for your needs!

1.What is Your Foot Type Everyone’s feet are different, and the structure of your foot affects the way you walk and stand, as well as the way a pair of shoes will fit and feel. The three main types of feet are pronated, ideal, and supinated. A pronated foot is a mostly flat foot with a very low arch. People with pronated feet tend to roll their feet inward, which has the most potential for causing injury. Those with pronated feet need to look for shoes that provide a low of stability and support while having moderate to low arch support. A supinated foot is one with a very high arch. People with supinated feet tend to roll their feet outwards since there is not much arch to provide stability. Supinated feet also wear out shoes much faster and will need to replace their shoes more frequently than other types.

If you fall between these two, then your foot is considered ideal. An ideal foot has a neutral arch and will fit many types of shoes well. Someone with an ideal foot should choose their shoe based on comfort and durability.

2. What is Your Playing Style? Playing style affects the way you move around the court and there are two general play styles: 1. Baseline 2. Serve-and- volley

Baseline players spend most of the time towards the back of the court, which require a lot of lateral movement. Tennis shoes with extra lateral support, increased cushioning, and a very durable sole are highly recommended.

A serve-and- volley player approaches the net often and will need a shoe with reinforced toecaps and soles, since this type of play requires you to be on your toes. Volleys can also necessitate a player to drag their foot along the ground, so durable shoes are a worthwhile investment. Additional arch support is also helpful for players who spend a lot of time on their toes.

3.How Does the Shoe Fit? Even if a shoe technically meets all your foot and playing style requirements, the shoe still needs to be comfortable for you. Take your time to try on different pairs of shoes and choose one that fits comfortably without being too snug or too lose. Running in the wrong-sized shoes can lead to pain and joint problems so have your foot properly measured at the shoe store as well. Examine the brand you are interested in for whether it runs true to size or smaller or larger than normal.

4.Shoe Recommendations There are many great tennis shoes on the market! Here are some popular options to get you started! 1.NikeCourt Air Vapor Advantage Women’s Tennis Shoe (nike.com) This popular style, available in several colors, offers enhanced comfort and long-lasting stability on the court. The durable rubber outsole stands up to wear and tear while the lightweight impact protection won’t slow you down! There is added stability in the midsole for quick cuts, great lateral support for baseline players!

2.Asics Gel Solution Speed 3 (asics.com) This stylish shoe is available in seven colors and provides amazing cushioning and support without weighing you down! The toe is reinforced, great for a serve-and- volley style player who spends a lot of time on their toes! This shoe features extra rubber in key areas prone to wear for extra durability. 3.Babolat Propulse Fury All Court (specialty tennis retailers, www.tenniswarehouse.com, www.tennisexpress.com)

This shoe is available in two color ways and will provide amazing durability and support during your tennis match. This shoe has a special Ortholite insert and may be a great option for players with a very high arch!

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