Five of the World’s Coolest Tennis Courts

It's still summer and you know what that means -- vacation! If you plan on going anywhere, you might want to look at playing a game of tennis while you're there. In that case, why not look around for a stunning court with an amazing backdrop? Here's our list of the 5 coolest tennis courts!

5. Il San Pietro - Posatiano, Italy

If you ever find yourself in the Mediterranean, you must stop by Il San Pietro. This court is located right on the Mediterranean coast below a stunning cliff side. Imagine the cool air from the sea, perfect temperature and perfect environment to play. Just don't get distracted from that stunning view.

4. Cromlix - Dunblane, UK

This court is beautiful inside and out. The court itself boasts bold, bright colors and somehow still matches the stunning Scottish castle. The greenery surrounding it isn't bad either. This is the perfect location for a vacation you won't forget.

3. Singita Sabora Camp Tennis Resort - Tanzania

Tanzania boasts some of the most stunning wildlife in the world. You're all familiar with the animals there, zebras and giraffes, but can you imagine them roaming around while you're playing tennis? What a way to connect with the surrounding wildlife! Not only can you enjoy this African safari, you can play tennis in it! How cool is that?

2. Stanglwirt Hotel - Going, Austria

Austria is a country everyone should travel to. The countryside was the direct inspiration of the best European Artists, Beethoven, Mahler, Klimt, they all found spiritual refuge in the Austrian country side. And how could they not? The stunning greenery moving towards giant cascading mountains is a sight you can't get anywhere else. It's the perfect backdrop for a game of tennis. Enjoy your favorite sport in this small town and find your own inspiration at the Stanglwirt Hotel in Going, Austria. 

1. TopNotch Tennis – Langley, Virginia

Of course, our top tennis 'court' is right here in our own backyard!  TopNotch Tennis is the ultimate program to both practice your tennis stroke AND be trained by one of our highly-skilled coaches! We coach and have programs dedicated to the game in multiple areas. Explore our site to find out more about our programs, clubs, and coaching. If you have a tennis court you love, or just want us to see how much you enjoy the game, send us your picture - we'll share it on our social media!


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