Gifts for the Tennis Player

With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to start shopping for the tennis players in your life! There are many great options beyond a basic tennis racquet or new canister of tennis balls to choose from!

Here are some of our favorites:

Tennis Gadgets Fitness gadgets have been popular for a while now, but tennis is a more recent addition to the fitness gadget world! One new cool tennis gadget is a high-tech racquet like the one made by Babolat. The Babolat Pure Drive Play Tennis Racquet is a tennis racquet with hidden sensors placed inside the handle that measure everything from power, the location of impact, and the number of strokes. It can also distinguish between forehand, backhand, serves, and smash. The data is synced wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet.

Find it on Amazon: Babolat Pure Drive Play Tennis Racquet

You can also gift the tennis player in your life the Babolat Pop, a connected wristband specifically for tennis. The user can pair the device with a smartphone and the Babolat Pure Drive Play Tennis Racquet or other connected racquets. The POP wristband collects information about a players’ performance and also allows users to interface with other tennis players.

Find it on Amazon: Babolat Pop

Practical Gifts Gifts to help a tennis player manage the logistics of playing tennis are thoughtful and much appreciated Tennis racquets and balls require upkeep and gear typically must be transported between home and the courts.

One practical gift for a tennis player is a tool to help them straighten their tennis strings. After some time, everyone needs to straighten out the strings on their tennis racquet. Correctly aligned strings will give you more spin and better play. The String Thing String Straightener is a great tool for keeping strings properly aligned.

Find it at Racquet Depot: String Thing String Straightener

Another practical tennis gift is a Tennis Ball Dryer. This tool won a “Best Tennis Gadget of the Year” award from ACE Tennis Magazine and is well-reviewed by tennis players at all levels. It dries wet tennis balls, includes a net measure, provides an easy way to carry and store tennis items, and will also keep a drink cool. Tennis balls that get damp from a tennis court that is still wet from rain become unusable fast, but constantly replacing tennis balls can get expensive. The Tennis Ball Dryer allows the user to place wet tennis balls inside the specially designed drying bag so that they will dry and still be usable.

Find it on Amazon: Tennis Ball Dryer

Tennis gloves are another idea for a practical gift! Bionic Tennis Gloves are a great option for protecting the player’s hands while also providing moisture control, grip, support, and durability. They were developed by an orthopedic surgeon with player safety and comfort in mind. For this gift it is wise to know the hand orientation of the person you are shopping for, and the gloves are made specifically for both men and women. For multi-sport and fingerless options:

Find it at Dick’s Sporting Goods: Bionic Tennis Gloves

For men and women’s tennis glove options Find it on Amazon: Bionic Tennis Gloves

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