High Floating Volleys

Have you ever had a hard time getting that perfect volley shot? In this Tennis Tip video, Coach Nahom shares a couple tips to help you maximize efficiency at the net.

When players attempt to hit an easy, floating volley many will make the mistake of taking a big swing at the ball. A big swing gives you power but can also allow for many mistakes. Coach Nahom goes over two easy steps that will help you improve your form and efficiency.

Be Ready!

When you start, focus on a good ready position. You will put your racquet head up, above your wrist. It’s important not to let your backswing go too far back. Keep your backswing within your peripheral vision. Prepare your racquet early and align your strings with the ball as early as possible.

Use Your Back Foot

You should be able to push off with your back foot and push forward explosively, like you would at the beginning of a sprint. This will allow you to use all of your body’s momentum and achieve a powerful shot full of energy. When you do these things, you won’t have to make a big swing to create a powerful shot.

We hope you enjoy this Tennis Tip!


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