Indoor Tennis Courts

We love tennis for lots of reasons, but one major perk is that you can play year round. Many sports require outdoor fields which limits when you can play. Tennis can be played during any season at facilities that offer indoor courts. Don’t let the cold or rainy weather keep you from staying active! Here are some things to consider when playing on an indoor court.

The Type of Surface

Most indoor courts play very fast and usually do not result in high bouncing balls. This is different from how tennis is played on outdoor courts. Typically, there is not as much impact on your muscles and joints when playing indoors thanks to softer surfaces.

Finding Your Tennis Balls

When you gear up for an outdoor tennis match, you want to bring as many balls as you can. If you’re playing on an indoor court, you will go home with all the balls that you brought for the game.

You vs. Nature

Temperature and precipitation can shorten or even ruin a match outside. Another outdoor factor that can impact your game is the wind. Indoor courts allow you to play whenever you want, regardless of what’s happening outside.

Staying Active

Players that choose to be inactive during the winter have to spend time refreshing their skills when they can get back to the outdoor courts. If you continue to play indoors you can keep improving your skills without turning back.

Some Drawbacks

As with any good thing, there are always minor drawbacks. Sometimes the dim lighting indoors can cause some trouble during matches. Lower temperatures inside can affect the bounce-rate of your balls. Space is also more limited. Keep these things in mind when you play and you can still enjoy your game time inside.


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