Signs That You Are Obsessed With Tennis

Are you a tennis player? Do you love to watch tennis? Is tennis part of your life every single day? If so, then you may be obsessed with tennis. Who could blame you?! Tennis is the best sport, and here’s why we think you’re obsessed!

Your Closet is Full of Tennis Clothes

Do you have more tennis clothes than regular clothes when you’re looking for an outfit? Ever wonder why tennis skirts or shorts and and tank tops aren’t acceptable for everyday wear? Wearing your best tennis outfit to the grocery stores is totally normal.

You Love the Smell of Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are EVERYWHERE! You find them in your car, under your furniture, in every bag you own. Your favorite smell is when you pop open a brand new can of tennis balls. The smell of happiness!

Competition is Life

You are extremely competitive, whether it’s a friendly tennis match, practice, or cheering for your favorite player. You HAVE to win. You will stop at nothing to achieve success and you won’t be happy if you don’t succeed.

Grand Slams Sleep Patterns

Who needs sleep?! It doesn’t matter when tennis is being played. You’re willing to get up in the middle of the night to see a good live match if necessary. Tennis is way more important than sleep during these exciting times!

Always Thinking of Your Doubles Partner

When someone asks you about your partner, you immediately think of your doubles partner. You go into detail about that serve they’re finally getting before realizing they meant your real partner. Whoops.

You Rock Tennis Tan Lines

There’s no denying the tennis tan lines. Those shoulder tan lines from your tank tops and having to wear shoes that cover your feet because of the awesome sock line you’ve achieved by spending so much time on the tennis court. Skip the socks and shoes this summer and wear those tennis tan lines proudly!

Broken Racquet Frames

Sometimes accidental, sometimes out of pure frustration, and often just plain satisfying. You’ve broken a few racquet frames in your time. Slamming your racquet on the ground feels so wrong, yet so right.

Tennis is a Lifestyle

Tennis to you is not just a game, it’s a lifestyle. Your friends and family might have the opinion that you play too much tennis. However, you don’t think that you’re ever playing enough! You are known for ditching plans to practice and there’s no real off-season for your favorite sport. You don’t apologize for it though, because you love it so much and wouldn’t have it any other way!


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