The Best Shoes for Tennis

When it comes to hitting the tennis courts, your shoes really can make all the difference! Tennis is a game that involves being quick on your feet and you need footwear that will help you maximize your performance on the court. These are some things to consider when selecting your new pair of tennis shoes.

The Type of Tennis Shoe

It is important to consider the differences between tennis shoes and other footwear when making your decision.

The average running/walking shoes typically have a more flexible sole built with the appropriate tread to absorb the impact of running and walking. They are made lighter and more narrow since runners need to step from heel to toe.

Tennis involves frequent stops and starts while moving around the court which influences how tennis shoes are made. Tennis shoes are typically more flat with specially designed patterns on the sole, made for the different types of court surfaces you play on.

Court Surface Type

When purchasing your tennis shoes it is important to consider the type of court surface that you will be playing on. A hard court surface like concrete will require shoes with more durability. If you’re playing on a soft court surface you will need to look for shoes that have more traction on the sole.

A hard surface is probably the most common type that you will see used in tennis clubs. Durable outsoles are the best for hard surfaces. Good heel cushioning is also important to help ease the pressure on your foot, particularly your heels.

Here are a couple of highly rated tennis shoes for kids available online:

ASICS Kids' Gel-Resolution 7 GS Tennis Shoe

Adidas Kids' Barricade Club Xj Tennis Shoe

Here are highly rated tennis shoes for women and men available online:

ASICS Women's Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay Tennis Shoe

ASICS Men's GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe

Also, our friends at Capital Stringing & Tennis in Arlington and Falls Church would love to help you to find the perfect tennis shoe!

We hope that this is helpful when you’re picking out those new tennis shoes. Great shoes can help you get out there and play more! We look forward to seeing you on the court soon!

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