Tips for a First Time Tennis Match Attendee

As a tennis fan and player there’s nothing more exciting than attending your first tennis match. You get to see all the action live and in person, experiencing all of the excitement as it happens. Before you head out to the stands to experience the magic of the game up close and personal, there are five basic rules that you should keep in mind.

1. Silence is Golden

It’s natural to want to cheer the players on when the ball is in play. However, during the point you should stay quiet. This means no talking or cheering and keeping your cell phone on silent. Tennis requires extreme focus and concentration for the players.

2. Know When to Cheer

Cheering is allowed for a rally, a point, or the winner at the end of the game. During the match you can applaud immediately following the shot, but after that, it’s back to rule #1. You should never boo or heckle a player.

3. Mindful Movement

You should stay seated until the end of the point. You should only leave your seat during a play changeover, when the players change sides. Remain in your seat and avoid moving around until the ball is played out. It is appropriate to move around only when there is a short break in play. The main thing to keep in mind is to never leave your seat mid play.

4. No Flash Photography

If you want to capture the moment, you’re allowed to take pictures at any point during the match. Keep in mind that you do not want to be a distraction to anyone on the court. Please ensure that flashes are turned completely off before using your phone or camera.

5. Soak It In

Enjoy the game! These rules allow for everyone to stay focused on the game, so put your phone away and do just that. Focus on the players and witness true tennis greatness on the court. Tennis players are exceptional athletes and are truly inspiring to watch.


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