What to Take for Tennis on Vacation

Planning an exciting Summer vacation and you want to get some tennis in? Consider a destination that has amazing tennis facilities to keep you on the edge of your game and always on your toes.  We’ve got a list of tennis items to take you with you to keep your game going strong! 

Your Favorite Racquet

Your racquet is the most essential part of your gear to bring along with you on the tennis courts.  It is important to find a racquet that has a comfortable grip that fits your hand size well. Before you leave and depending on your destination, check with your hotel or resort prior to leaving as they might have racquet rentals or racquets available for your use on the court if you prefer to travel light. 

Tennis Clothes

What's better than being on point with your game and being on point with your outfit! Everyone wants to look good and feel great on the court.  If you’re planning on playing while on vacation, leave the long pants and tight clothes behind.  You’ll want to have your favorite loose fitting gym shorts, tennis shorts or skirt, comfortable tank top or t-shirt, and don’t forget your favorite socks.  When you play tennis you will definitely want to have your best tennis shoes with flexible soles, designed to take impact with a good grip, so don’t leave those behind! This is just a small list of your basic tennis needs.

Favorite Accessories

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! If you’re going to be out in the sunshine, pack your favorite pair of sunglasses so that your eyes will always be on the ball and not in the sun.  Keep the sweat down with a fun sweatband that can help keep hair and perspiration out of our face on the court further improving your sight lines. If a sweat band is not an option toss a visor in your bag to help keep hair, sweat, and sun out of your eyes.  


Don’t forget to protect your skin while enjoying the sunshine on the court!  Toss your favorite sunscreen into your bag and don’t forget to reapply frequently!  There are lots of sports sunscreens designed with athletes in mind. Find one that will withstand even the most intense workouts and works with your skin!  

Tennis Balls

There’s nothing like the smell of a newly opened can of tennis balls.  Don’t forget to bring those iconic yellow tennis balls with you on your trip!  

Tennis is a great cardio workout and will help keep your skills sharp, even when away from home. 

Make sure you have all of the necessities with you so that you can maximize your time on the court and stay safe, comfortable, and injury-free.  

If you’re not sure where to play or need a partner while you’re away, check out Rally 78


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