• Mani Barajas

Winter Tennis Fashion Picks

Winter is just around the corner and with it comes cooler temps. As the temperatures begin to change your tennis attire will, too. Updating your tennis wardrobe can keep you looking good and feeling great! Here are some of our favorite tips to stay comfortable and fashionable this season.

Layer Your Look

We know how the temps are ever-changing this time of year. The mornings can be brisk but turn into warmer afternoons with cooler evenings. Dressing in layers allows you to pull off and on as needed throughout your time on the courts. Wear leggings underneath your favorite tennis skirt or shorts and keep a long sleeve shirt to throw on over your best tennis tank top. Light jackets work well to throw on over your t-shirt. Keep a hat or beanie for when it’s cool and then can easily be removed when you get warmed up.

Our Top Picks

We love the NikeCourt Dri-FIT Women’s ½-Zip Tennis Top made with sweat-wicking fabric for dry comfort. Great for this time of year when you’re dealing with cooler temperatures but still getting your sweat on! You can find that here: https://www.nike.com/t/nikecourt-dri-fit-womens-1-2-zip-tennis-top-TNqZjD/939322-010

If you’re looking for a new tennis hat, check out the NikeCourt Heritage 86 Adjustable Tennis Hat. This hat was inspired by the on-court look of the greatest 90’s tennis stars. These are made of durable cotton which will help keep you warm and comfortable. Check them out here: https://www.nike.com/t/nikecourt-heritage-86-adjustable-tennis-hat-xd2G3g

Tennis has a way of making a statement both on and off the court. Find what looks and feels good to you and get out there and dominate the courts this season!

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