Yellow is the New Green: Recycle Your Tennis Balls

Yellow is the new green on our tennis courts! We are super excited to be supporting Recycleballs by recycling all of our old tennis balls.

Trashing Tennis Balls Is Out!

Did you know that tennis balls take 400 years to decompose? Americans trash more tennis balls than anyone on the planet. Recycleballs is helping to change this environmental problem by providing convenient courtside bins for recycling. We want to do our part to help support this national initiative to inspire the US tennis community to change habits and keep tennis balls out of the landfills. The more tennis balls we can recycle into green products, the better!

How Does It Work?

We will ship the filled bins back to Vermont where the Recycleballs facility is located. Tennis balls are then ground up and the felt is separated from the rubber. There is a rubber crumb generated that they refer to as GREEN GOLD! This “green gold” is then used in the construction of tennis courts as well as a wide variety of green products.

We hope that you’ll join us by recycling all of your old tennis balls using the Recycleballs bins at each of our sites.

Let’s work together and educate our children about the importance of taking care of our planet. We can help build tennis courts with our contribution so that we can all continue to play more!

Find out more about Recycleballs at Topnotch Tennis here:


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